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Digital Detox through Art Therapy, Art and Craft Creative Activities.

through Art Therapy

Digital Detox through Art Therapy is a wellness and hands -on program to engage our minds by disconnecting us from digital world of smartphone, computer, TV, tablets, etc. It is in prevention of digital addiction and as a form of treatment.  
Digital Detox through Clay making
Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. (Anne Lammott)

What is Digital Detox

Digital detox refers to a period of time to refrain from using any electronic connecting devices such as smartphones, tablet, electronic gaming, television,  computers and digital enabled devices.

Why Digital Detox

Technology is incredible and the benefits are huge in so many aspects of everyday life. However, being able to unplug and have some time away from the screen will leave you re-energised and more in touch with the world around you.
Digital Detox through Origami
Digital Detox is important for this digital age as many people find themselves cannot live without a smartphone or social media. And, these become a mental disorder because of addiction behaviours affect physical and psychological health.
Painting palette digital detox
Digital Detox is for us to reduce stress, focus more on social interaction and connection in the physical world.

Benefits of Digital Detox

Doing a digital detox regularly will have some great benefits on your wellbeing. Here are some of them:

Cognitive Development

The break from digital devices will allow our brain to relax, focus, listen, observe, and response better. This is essential for learning environment and for our cognitive development. Children will gain tremendous benefit for the growing up with knowledge and good sense of observation. 

More Content & Calmer Person

It has been scientifically proven that where people have taken a break from technology and the participants are almost always surprised to find themselves less stressed because of it. When you are on your phone or absorbed in your emails, you are not living in the present. It is only when you open your eyes to the here and now that you realise how easy it is to miss out on the good things around you.


You will be more productive when you can unplug and disconnect from constant checking of your social media channels. You will gain extra time with face to face interaction with your peers, friends, family and colleagues in real time.

Healthier Relationships

A relationship is healthier and stronger with face to face communication and doing things together, or during mealtimes. 

Physical Health

If your eyes are glued to the screen, you are probably sitting or lying down. A growing obesity problem in is partly because of a lifestyle tied to the couch staring at a screen. It is not only terrible for your lower back and neck, it is also bad on your waist line. Unplug, go outside and get the blood moving. You will be amazed how much better you feel.

Mental Health

You will feel better with balanced mind with more time for connecting to the real world and people around you. It is because you no longer rely on social media channels. Indeed, you will find inner peace and positive strength through digital detox.

Improved sleep

When your body knows it is time to sleep, your brain releases a chemical called melatonin, which helps the body relax and prepare for some shut-eye. Science has shown that when you look at a screen before bedtime, your brain is tricked into thinking it must remain alert and awake, preventing melatonin from being released. You do not get a good night sleep if you use your phone immediately before going to bed.  

Why Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a wellness program that allows creative expression through use of various form of art medium for visual communication, mind and body wellness. It is a safe, fun and flexible for different age group, popoulation, and setting.
Proven Methodologies
We adopt proven methodologies for a fruitful, meaningful and therapeutic journey into the program:
Creativity-Juice program is introduced throughout the program. We will facilitate members into creative thinking, creative problem-solving and enjoy the freedom of fun innovation. Visual thinking creatively is the key to our event as well.
Creativity Juice
Art Jamming Retreat:
The program is actively use of aesthetic, visual, images, and art-related projects to allow right brain function of members for rejuvenation, relaxation and retreat. Jamming might be through a combination of art, music, movement, mindfulness, meditation or the like depending on the appropriateness.
Mindfulness Therapy
We practice and engage Mindfulness Therapy through the use of art and creativity to find peace, purpose and wellness. The applied Mindfulness is fully engaged through art therapy.

Origami Art of Paper Folding
We also offer team bonding through art of paper folding, also know as Origami. The familiar craft connects each other with lots of joy, fun and strengthen bond.

Team work through Origami
Creative Art Therapy:
The therapeutic process of using creativity and art is facilitated in order to engage members into rejuvenation, relaxation and recharge from this program. At the end of the program, trainer will do debrief about team bonding and provide insights to help members understand how they can benefit from this program.
Eco-Based Approach:
Our approach is to provide Environment Awareness and eco friendly project to incorporate into the program. It is part of our effort to save the planet and heal the earth. Participants will need to work together to reuse and recycle papers through technique of paper folding and Upcycling project . Our events are organized to be environmental friendly, reducing waste and promote sustainability.
Green Origami
Process and Product:
We provide facilitation and debrief for reflection about the process for Digital Detox program. Both the process and product of Digitial Detox are important for participants to make a commitment for unplug themselves to stay connected and recharged for a healthier lifestyle.

By trained Art Therapist

Art Therapy program and treatment are facilitated by Mastered level Art Therapist - Mr. Lee Thiam Seng (Paul). Mr. Lee is an artist, art teacher, art therapist, consultant and founder of UniqArts and Technologies in 1995. Mr. Lee holds a Masters of Art in Art Therapy from LaSalle College of the Arts and a Bachelor Degree in Management from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia.  He has been practicing Art Therapy since 2009. Read more about Art Therapist Mr. Paul Lee

Digital Detox Fee

Single drop-in session is S$80/= nett for trial, inclusive of art supplies, 1.5 hours.
Art materials

Monthly Package Fee is S$218/= nett (for up to 4 weekly sessions, 1.5 hours per session), excluding any art supplies. Please bring along your own preferred art materials (eg. paper, pencil, coloured pencils, watercolour paint, etc.) or you may purchase them at our art studio (or a flat fee of materials at S$20/= for 4 sessions).

Digital Detox through Art is available for Team Bonding Event, School, Community, Insitutions or Companies. Please Contact us for your needs.
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