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Art Enrichment

We offer a comprehensive Art enrichment program for the young during regular school terms and school holidays. The program is skill-based learning and therapeutic development for a fun, positive experience and creativity. They will learn, explore, and express themselves with lots of happinesses and positive experience.  Program is by trained and experienced art teacher or artist.
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To provide an enrichment environment for children to enjoy, explore and learn various form of art and creaivity. To allow space with unlimited creativity and exploration through art. To develop focus and mindfulness into art making. To learn and explore different mediums for appropriate expression and subjects. To provide progressive program according individual competency and readiness.  To build hands co-ordination and logic thinking.
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To enjoy the process of creation and art making. To find happiness of various form of art and craft. To teach creative problem solving skills. To cultivate positive thinking, preservence, resilience and adaptability. 

Enrichment Concept

The happiness in art class is a concept for great fun learning and positive mindset without stress. It is the experience of joy in this Art class while making art, exploring craft and building models. We nurture the characters and good personality during the process and as well as the product. It is because we integrate art as a form of therapy into this Happy Art Class.
4 Skills
They will learn the 4 important skills: Drawing, Painting, Folding and Building. Drawing requires good motor skills and good drawing is for good hand writing as well.
Art skill
With good sense of colours and fun with paint, it will enhance the final art work. The ability to take the paper and with magical folding techniques, they can learn how make 3D models.
Art of Folding Papers
These are building blocks for perspectives, and spatial relationship. Armed with these skills, they can achieve happiness and great learning journey.
4 Happiness
The process is essential for children to learn about themselves, others and the world around them. The journey is full of delightful experience and a great opportunity to develop positive thinking, perseverance, integrity
, resilience and adaptability.

The joy of creating and expressing themselves therapeutically and holistically. They will learn how to create and master skills as their own pace with confidence, integrity and pride.
Course Plan
Curriculum is designed according to the appropriate age group and level of skills. There are 3 levels for this course

Level 1: Foundation
Age group: 4 to 6.
In this level, children with no or minimum art skills will be taught how to draw, paint and enjoy the creative art space given. They will learn how to use various techniques in order to find happiness while building their foundation. In this level, they will learn how to use outline pencil, oil pastels, coloured pencils, watercolour, magic markers, etc. Focus on the most fundamental art skill - drawing.
Art of Foundation

Level 2: Exploration
Age group: 7 to 9
Children at this level will have basic skills of drawing and colouring. They will start to explore more medium such as sketching pencils, poster, acrylic and the like. They will learn how to fold and build models through Origami. Additonal use of animated drawing sequences with aid of computer system. At this level, working with clay to build models and explore 3 dimensional space. Stress free and fun exploration through creative problem solving skills development. Medium to be used will be poster, acrylic, clay, coloured pencils, sketching pencils, etc.
Exploring The Creatie Space

Level 3:
Age group 10 and above
The journey for creativity and artistic expression can explore into specific area of interest. Students will choose what to specialise on and take their time to perfect any skills or ideas. Level will take higher development into innovation, idea generation and making fine presentation for their ideas. The level will explore animated sequence and claymation. In additional, students will learn how to use clay for 3D models building. Medium will be involved: charcoal, pastels, acrylic, clay, coloured pencils, sketching pencils, etc.

Explore Art

Teaching Methodologies

Our teaching methodologies are proven to nurture children in their aesthetic development, fine art skills, self confidence, fine motor skills, motion pictures, perspectives and creativity.
ARTeach Program:
Teachers are trained under a comprehensive in-house ARTeach Teacher training program to understand how to teach art according to child development, child art , good practice and philosophy of art teaching with UniqArts and Technologies. 

Art material Oil painting sticks
Child Development

Children will explore and learn the aesthetic and fun part of doing art according to the appropriate Child Development stages. This is essential for children to enjoy their level of readiness for effective learning.
Art materials
Origami Art:
Origami is an art of folding that involves math, logic thinking, engineering, architecture, and creativity. The fun and joy of folding papers into 3D objects with our hands are essential for mind and body co-ordination and thinking.
Art materials
Creativity-Juice Program:
This class covers training about creative thinking, creative problem solving and ideas development through our comprehensive Creativity-Juice program. This program helps to engage the right side of the brain actively and balance with left side of the brain as well.
Creativity Juice logo
Creative Art Therapy:
During the art class, therapeutic process is incorporated through our Creative Art Therapy program. Children will be able to express themselves fully and therapeutically. We use Art as therapy and as a safe form of self expression.
Creative Art Therapy
Language medium: English

Fee and Duration 

Course fee is S$435 for 8 lessons, 1 hour 30 min per lesson. 

New student to add one time payment for $30 Registration fee and students are to bring their own art materials or purchase them at our center (complete set at $205/= with an art bag)

Drop-in session for trial at $80/= and this can be offset from course fee upon signing after trial.
Time Table

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