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Secondary Art Class
GCE N, O, or A Level
Age 13 to 18
This Secondary Art Class is to prepare students the foundation of principles and elements of art and design. This course is also for private or school candidates taking GCE N, O or A level art.
Secondary Art Portrait 1
Course Objectives
To understand the theory and practice of the principles and elements of art and design. To prepare Secondary students taking art subject and GCE N, O, or A level art examination. To develop advance fine art skills with different media for Secondary art subject. To learn how to do class assignment, preparatory sketches and research for their Secondary school art subjects. To be able to do creative thinking and creative problem solving with Creativity-Juice program

Course Outline and Structure
Secondary Art Course covers the method of idea generation and idea development with Creativity-Juice program. This course is to train students how to do visual journal and discovery around their research, personal thoughts and feelings. Learn the visual process of exploration around the environment and world. Learn how to develop a sensory perception and imagination. Learn how to communicate visuallby: creativity, research, concept planning, preparation and creating art works. Learn the application and techniques of different fine art medium.

Explore the concept of colors theory and application.
Explore, appreciate and understand various images, symbols and objects from a variety of cultures and contexts. Explore and learn how to use pastels, charcoal, acrylic paint on canvas, mind mapping sketches, observation drawing, realistic portraiture, colouring theory and the like
Language medium: English

Course fee
S$435 per block (8 sessions, 1.5 hours per session). To be completed within 10 weeks, otherwise it will be expired and forfeited. New student to add one time payment for S$30 registration fee and S$205/= for a complete basic set of art materials.