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GCE O/N/A Level 
Art Examination Preparatory Course
Prepare your Secondary Art examination effectively and efficiently!
Course Objectives: 
  • To prepare students taking GCE O, N, or A level art examination
  • To develop advance fine art skills with different media
  • To learn how to do class assignment, preparatory sketches and research for their GCE N/O/ A  level art subjects
  • To be able to do creative thinking and creative problem solving with Creativity-Juice program
  • Isaiah Cheong, age 13, bicycle chain
    Technical Sketch by Isaiah Cheong, Age 13.
    Course Structure: 
  • Course curriculum will be organised into block of 8 sessions.
  • Each block is for 8 sessions, 1 hour and 30 minutes per session
  • This course focus on theory and practice of visual art communication according to Ministry of Education general guidelines and criteria.
  • Each block must be completed within 3 months upon registration
  • Students are to do their own works at all times and teacher will coach, demonstrate and guide them along.
  • Syllabus Overview: 
    • Syllabus to cover: 
      • Concept of using mind-map for creative sketches and idea development
      • Learn the visual process of discovery around their thoughts and feelings
      • Learn the visual process of exploration around the environment and world
      • Learn how to develop a sensory perception and imagination
      • Learn how to communicate visuallby: creativity, research, concept planning, preparation and creating art works
      • Learn the application and techniques of different fine art medium
      • Explore the concept of colors theory and application
      • Explore, appreciate and understand various images, symbols and objects from a variety of cultures and contexts
      • Explore and learn how to use pastels, charcoal, acrylic paint on canvas, mind mapping sketches, observation drawing, realistic portraiture, colouring theory and the like
    Language medium: English

    Course fee:

    • S$435 per block (8 sessions, 1.5 hours per session). 
    • To be completed within 3 months, otherwise it will be expired and forfeited.
    • S$30 registration fee
    • S$205/= for a complete basic set of art materials, compulsory for new student.

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