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Art Courses

We have a offer a variety of creative Art courses and workshops for children, adult and corporation. 
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Art medium children art

Preschool and KinderART:
for pre-school children age 4 to 6 for building founation in drawing,  colouring and creativity.

Lower Primary Art:
for lower primary school children age 7 to 9 for developing their interest in art and exploring fine art skills.

Upper Primary Art:
for upper primary school children age 10 to 12 to develop their perspectives, observation and various fine art expression techniques.

Secondary and Tertiary Art:
for students at Secondary and Tertiary age 13 to 18 to learn the elements and principles of fine art, design and application.

Pencil sketching puppies
Coloured Pencil Class
Portrait Art
Portrait Art Class

Acrylic Painting
Acrylic Painting Class
Oil Painting Sticks Art Class
Oil Paint Sticks Art Class
Pencil Sketching Hibiscus
Pencil Sketching Class
Watercolour painting Rainy scenery
Watercolour Painting Class
Singapore Shophouses Watercolour art8
Singapore Shophouses Artworks and Course

Manga Drawing
Manga Anime Art Class
Comic Characters Drawing
Comic Drawing Class

Digital Art Class
Digital Art Course

Chinese Brush Painting
Chinese Brush Painting
Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese Calligraphy Class

Clay Sculpture Art
Clay Sculpture Art Class

Caricature Art Class
Caricature Art Class

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